7 Marketing Trends to Put on Your Radar

Put These 7 Marketing Trends on Your Radar for 2018

As we head to the end of the year, it is time to look at the some of the key marketing trends bubbling up for 2018. Many are technology related, which shouldn’t be surprising. Technology advances continue to accelerate customer demands and our ability to respond. 7 Marketing Trends We Are Watching Closely… AI live […]

The Rules of Cross Channel Campaign Management

4 Rules for Cross Channel Campaign Management

Customers are demanding and getting briefer, quicker, and hyper-personalized content every day, in real-time. How do marketers keep up with the demands of their customers? Cross channel campaign management is the key. Cross channel campaigns demand a different type of planning from more traditional push campaigns. Campaigns need to be able to speak to an […]

Choosing the Right Real-Time Technologies

A new Forrester report predicts that marketing technology budgets will “grow by double digits” in 2018. Why? Because we all realize that a cohesive strategy that fuses real-time marketing technology and product is a must if we are to drive growth. With a boat load of marketing technology options and vendors to pick from – […]

Data Structures

Data Structures to Support Real-Time Engagement

The key to real-time is performance. You need to be able to integrate what you know about a customer with what they are doing right now to drive split second decisions about what to say, or do, next. Many current data structures do not support the high-level performance needed to engage customers in real-time. Data […]

Traditional Push Campaign Creative Doesn’t Cut it

One of the many struggles we face as we gear up our marketing for real-time execution is how to formulate campaign creative to meet the hyper-personalization demands of the customer without “killing” the creative teams. Is Your Campaign Creative Ready for Real-Time? Real-time marketing demands a different type of thinking when it comes to creating […]

Organizational Structures

Is Your Organizational Structure Right for Real-Time?

In many companies, old school organizational structures are now a major hindrance. One of the issues is that these outdated structures created data silos, yet today’s reality is that for real-time marketing to be successful all data needs to be centralized and accessible to everyone. “Many CMOs Are Tearing Up Their Org Charts” New marketing […]

The Role of Customer Data Platforms in a Real-Time Marketing Environment

In today’s, customer empowered world, brands require access to clean, continually refreshed, and connected customer data to compete. Connected data is central to a brand’s ability to achieve deep customer understanding and devise and execute real time customer engagement strategies. Fragmented Data Ecosystems Create Barriers However, fragmented marketing ecosystems with multiple point solutions (that house […]

Real-Time Marketing Success

How Real-Time Marketing Increases Campaign Success

Real-Time marketing success is the latest game changer. But, how do we communicate the value of real-time marketing in a way our senior management will understand and buy into the investment? One way is to point to how real-time marketing’s success can increase campaign effectiveness and help us achieve our customer engagement, loyalty, and revenue […]

Real-Time Customer Marketing

Why CMOs Must Prepare for Real-Time Customer Marketing

Consumers are demanding hyper-personalization and brands must step up with real-time customer marketing to effectively compete, or risk being obsolete. The bar for personalization will continue to rise, and CMO’s must help their organizations transition from the traditional marketing techniques of outbound targeting to the more modern (and competitive) approach of personalizing inbound customer interactions. […]

Exceeding Customer Experience Expectations

Under Promise and Over Deliver. How to Exceed Customer Experience Expectations.

A recent study found 80% of CEOs believed their companies offer superior customer experiences. The problem? Only 8% of their customers agreed with that assessment. So, rather than meeting or exceeding expectations, most companies are disappointing their customers, leaving them at high risk of defection. Which poses a significant challenge for marketing teams tasked with increasing customer […]