Real-Time Customer Marketing

Why CMOs Must Prepare for Real-Time Customer Marketing

Consumers are demanding hyper-personalization and brands must step up with real-time customer marketing to effectively compete, or risk being obsolete. The bar for personalization will continue to rise, and CMO’s must help their organizations transition from the traditional marketing techniques of outbound targeting to the more modern (and competitive) approach of personalizing inbound customer interactions. […]

Exceeding Customer Experience Expectations

Under Promise and Over Deliver. How to Exceed Customer Experience Expectations.

A recent study found 80% of CEOs believed their companies offer superior customer experiences. The problem? Only 8% of their customers agreed with that assessment. So, rather than meeting or exceeding expectations, most companies are disappointing their customers, leaving them at high risk of defection. Which poses a significant challenge for marketing teams tasked with increasing customer […]

Increasing Customer Conversion

5 Ways Marketing Technologies Can Help Increase Customer Conversion

How many potential customers has your organization let walk, or abandon a cart, or… These are problems many companies face. Yet, we all know that advancing customer acquisition is a critical component in increasing revenue. Oftentimes, the answer to why customer conversion is not higher has nothing to do with your brand image, or the […]

Customer Segment of One

Customer Segmentation a Thing of the Past?

Customer segmentation has been a tried and true marketing technique for decades. However, today’s customers demand hyper-personalization that segmentation techniques are not able to answer.  Quite simply, because they continue to put the product we are selling first, not the customer. Meeting the expectations of today’s customers’ demands a new approach. An approach that puts […]

Investing in Customer Retention

Investing in Customer Retention

How many times have you heard that it costs significantly more to attract a new customer than keep an existing one? Or that satisfied, loyal customers are more profitable in terms of lifetime value? We may hear it and even say it a lot, but many companies do not invest as much time, effort, or […]

Balancing the Scales: Data Driven and Customer Centric Marketing

Balancing the Scales: Data Driven and Customer Centric Marketing

Where would we be without data in today’s marketing world? It allows us to come to a better understanding of which channels are working, how customers are engaging and converting, and whether, or not, we are meeting our performance goals. Data is Good, But Not Everything Data is a key business driver and the source […]

Achieving Real-Time Organizational Ability

As customer expectations for personalized interaction intensifies, the gap in our organizational ability to deliver gets wider.  Our customers interact in real-time across different channels and devices.  Yet, many of us lack the needed agility to engage them in this real-time environment.  The pace of change is accelerating and brands need to change or risk […]

Increasing Marketing Productivity

Increasing Marketing Productivity

Customer expectations are forever changing and they continue to raise the bar for the interactions and experiences they expect from the brands they trust. To build and keep this trust we need to engage each, and every, customer wherever they interact and whenever they are in the moment.  Putting Our Customers First If we continue […]

Why Customers Will Pay for Real-Time Experiences

Convincing executive management that investment in our organization’s capabilities to deliver real-time experiences will result in increased customer loyalty, lifetime value, and topline revenue has been a challenge for some. But the mounting evidence cannot be ignored. Mounting Evidence that Real-Time Experiences Builds Revenue Forrester Research reports 86% of customers will pay for real-time experiences. […]

The Most Used and Confused Marketing Buzzwords

The Most Used and Confused Marketing Buzzwords

Customer marketing has seen an influx of new technologies, techniques, and tools, each with their own buzzwords which tend to get miss-used…