Advanced Personalization Techniques

Advanced Personalization Techniques–Making Things Easier for Your Customer

The concept of personalization is commonplace in marketing organizations. But, personalization techniques are evolving rapidly from a tactical to a strategic approach based on making things easier for an individual customer. Leading brands have evolved their personalization strategies to meet individual customer’s demands for intimacy. If you are not following suit your customers will notice […]

An Integrated Approach to Personalization at Scale

Implementing Personalization at Scale to Deliver ROI – 4 Key Capabilities

In today’s Engagement Economy, it is imperative for brands to take their personalization efforts to the next level or risk alienating customers with “old school” personalization strategies that continue to prioritize volume rather than value. But implementing advanced personalization at scale requires transformational change which can be risky. And risk demands a well thought out […]

Personalization Marketing Trends

Personalization Marketing Trends You Can’t Afford to Ignore

Last week at the CRMC I facilitated a workshop on the future of personalization. Joining me were my colleagues Adam Roberts and Andrea Shaikin, Former Director of Marketing, Loyalty and Innovation – STAPLES Canada. The intent of the workshop was to give attendees the capabilities to up their customer personalization game. The workshop started by […]

Making 360º Customer Profiles a Reality

Make 360º Customer Profiles A Reality

Creating 360º customer profiles are vitally important if we are to deliver the personalized customer experiences our customers expect and demand. Yet, creating 360º customer profiles can seem elusive and hard to achieve.  But they are worth the effort. Not only because 360º customer profiles are a tangible tool that benefits marketing, but also because […]

How Risky are Customer Engagement Platform Implementations?

How Risky are Customer Engagement Platform Implementations?

New marketing technologies are appearing on the market constantly and CMOs are under pressure to stay competitive and make sure their organization is making the right decision when choosing and transitioning to new customer engagement platform technology. With any new technology, there is risk and anxiety as implementation looms large, especially when the technology requires […]

Pros and Cons of Marketing Cloud Solutions

Why You Need a Good Customer Personalization Strategy

Personalization is a top priority for most marketers, today. Yet most attempts don’t reach the potential of driving behavioral change, goodwill, and business results. Pivoting to a good personalization strategy is a hard, but necessary, shift in today’s competitive environment. It requires an organizational mindset change from communication relevancy to customer first communication. And, a […]

Pros and Cons of Marketing Cloud Solutions

Pros and Cons of Marketing Cloud Solutions

To succeed in meeting consumers’ needs and wants, marketers need to unify touch-points, reduce complexity, and increase agility. But, as we well know, the multitude of technology options now available makes choosing which technologies are best for your organizations needs more complex. Most recently, marketing cloud solutions have been getting a lot of attention and […]

Real-Time Marketing Strategy “On-The-Fly”

Who Says a Real-Time Marketing Strategy is Marketing “On-The-Fly”?

Wikipedia describes a real-time marketing strategy as “marketing performed on-the-fly.” But we all know that just isn’t true. To do real-time marketing right, there is a good deal of planning that must take place, starting with a clear strategy and enough dynamic content prepared and at the ready to execute. Real-Time Marketing Strategy Success Relies […]

The Impact of IoT on Marketing

The Internet of Things, IoT, is a topic every marketer is talking about. But, what does it mean, and more specifically, what is the impact of IoT on marketing? IoT’s smart, connected devices provide marketers with a new suite of opportunities to listen and respond to the needs and wants of their audience, based on […]

Predictive Analytics Marketing

The Future is Now: Predictive Analytics Marketing

Personalizing, even individualizing, customer experiences with predictive analytics is now the de facto marketing strategy in the race to stay competitive. However, predictive analytics tools are becoming more sophisticated every day. Machine learning and AI are making the science of using data to predict customer behavior more accurate and far-reaching than ever before. A trend […]