Contextual Marketing

Turning Contextual Marketing into a Competitive Advantage 3 Things You Should Know

Contextual marketing is one of the industry’s most recent buzz phrases. But what does it really mean and why should we pay attention to it? Contextual marketing is a fancy phrase for a marketing model that focuses on getting the right message, to the right person, at the right time. Typically associated with online advertising, […]

A Successful Customer Engagement Strategy is the Sum of the Parts

We all know Aristotle’s phrase, “The whole is greater than the sum of the parts”. Well it also holds true when it comes to our Customer Engagement Strategy. Given the relatively new advances in technology and analytics, we tend to focus on them to move our customer engagement forward. And, they probably will. But, if […]

Real-Time Marketing – Are We There Yet?

Real-Time Marketing – Are We There Yet?

The future is now. It was 15 years ago that the movie “Minority Report”, starring Tom Cruise, gave us a glimpse of retail today. There is one scene that has always stuck in my mind. It is the scene where Cruise walks into the Gap, his eyes are scanned, and a hologram associate welcomes him, […]

Investing in Personalized Customer Experiences Real-Time

5 Real-Time Capabilities You Need to Deliver Personalization

Many of us are faced with the reality that there is a gap between what our customers expect us to deliver, in terms of real-time personalization, and what our organization’s real-time technology capabilities are. McKinsey reports 48% of marketers are challenged to transform their marketing messages to real-time customer interactions. We know we need to […]

Investing in Personalized Customer Experiences

Investing in Personalized Customer Experiences

Marketing is facing a new reality; that of transformation. The technologies customers use to interact with brands are transforming not only the way we do marketing but also the way we need to treat our customers. We know we need to do something to deliver more personalized customer experiences, especially when our competitors are early […]

Centralized Data Management Drives Personalized Engagement Campaigns

Three Data Driven Steps to Advance Personalized Customer Engagement Campaigns

“It’s All About Me” is an apt phrase to describe today’s customers. This is not to say that our customers are narcissists, but when it comes marketing they want messages and offers that are personalized and valuable to them. When we don’t deliver on this expectation, our customer engagement campaigns don’t perform as they should. […]

Real-Time Customer Engagement Campaigns

Real-Time Customer Engagement Campaigns. Easy or Not?

Everyone’s talking about real-time customer engagement and we all know we want to move our customer engagement campaigns in this direction. However, like any “new thing” it has this mysterious and elusive jargon. Added to this there are many providers selling it. The upshot — finding a solution can get overwhelming very quickly. How do […]

Orchestrating Customer Journeys

Orchestrating Customer Journeys. A Modern Approach to Engage Today’s Customer.

One thing is for certain, marketing practices are constantly evolving. Just when we think we have a real handle on our customers, and we are doing everything we can to execute marketing that delivers a great customer experience… something changes.  The biggest change lately? The customer. They always seem to be one step ahead of […]

Intelligent Orchestration

Increase Differentiation by Orchestrating Real-Time Customer Interactions

Creating great customer experiences is not a new concept for marketers. We all know today’s customer is driven as much by the experience the brand offers as the products and services it sells. In fact, Gartner Research reported recently that 89% of marketers expect customer experience management (CEM) to be their primary differentiator. This begs […]

Synchronizing All Customer Data

Synchronizing Digital and Offline Customer Data

Recent TDWI Research reports that 70% of marketers have “suboptimal ability to integrate online and offline customer data”. I would expect to see this percentage plummet over the next few years. Why?  As more marketers adopt omni-channel approaches, synchronizing digital and offline data – or “onboarding” as it is commonly called – becomes the central […]