Centralized Data Management Drives Personalized Engagement Campaigns

Three Data Driven Steps to Advance Personalized Customer Engagement Campaigns

“It’s All About Me” is an apt phrase to describe today’s customers. This is not to say that our customers are narcissists, but when it comes marketing they want messages and offers that are personalized and valuable to them. When we don’t deliver on this expectation, our customer engagement campaigns don’t perform as they should. […]

Real-Time Customer Engagement Campaigns

Real-Time Customer Engagement Campaigns. Easy or Not?

Everyone’s talking about real-time customer engagement and we all know we want to move our customer engagement campaigns in this direction. However, like any “new thing” it has this mysterious and elusive jargon. Added to this there are many providers selling it. The upshot — finding a solution can get overwhelming very quickly. How do […]

Orchestrating Customer Journeys

Orchestrating Customer Journeys. A Modern Approach to Engage Today’s Customer.

One thing is for certain, marketing practices are constantly evolving. Just when we think we have a real handle on our customers, and we are doing everything we can to execute marketing that delivers a great customer experience… something changes.  The biggest change lately? The customer. They always seem to be one step ahead of […]

Intelligent Orchestration

Increase Differentiation by Orchestrating Real-Time Customer Interactions

Creating great customer experiences is not a new concept for marketers. We all know today’s customer is driven as much by the experience the brand offers as the products and services it sells. In fact, Gartner Research reported recently that 89% of marketers expect customer experience management (CEM) to be their primary differentiator. This begs […]

Synchronizing All Customer Data

Synchronizing Digital and Offline Customer Data

Recent TDWI Research reports that 70% of marketers have “suboptimal ability to integrate online and offline customer data”. I would expect to see this percentage plummet over the next few years. Why?  As more marketers adopt omni-channel approaches, synchronizing digital and offline data – or “onboarding” as it is commonly called – becomes the central […]


Is Your Customer Engagement Strategy Ready For Real-Time?

A recent Forrester Research report stated that 40% of marketers are making real-time interactions with their customers a priority. And, Gartner predicts that, over the next few years, spending on real-time analytics is expected to grow three times faster than spending on non-real-time analytics. Real-Time Customer Engagement.  The Latest Game-Changer. Marketing in real-time is an […]

The Key to Driving Customer Engagement – Connected Data!

As marketers, we have struggled for years trying to wrestle all the data available to us to better understand customers, predict their needs, and engage them by delivering personalized experiences. New channels are constantly emerging, Big Data keeps getting bigger, and now the Internet of Things has entered the scene. According to the CMO Council, […]

New Technologies Are Driving Better Customer Engagement!

As Marketers, we have struggled for years trying to wrestle all the data available to us into one customer view.  In fact, a study my company, VeraCentra, commissioned from Forrester Consulting last year, showed that 59% of organizations are challenged with generating customer insights and intelligence. They continue to be plagued with multiple point solutions […]

5 Ways to Kick Customer Engagement into High Gear

For several years now, I have been laser focused on customer engagement solutions that help marketers advance and thrive. Why? Because all the conversations I have had with marketers and the research my company, VeraCentra, has conducted has led me to the conclusion that a majority of marketing departments continue to struggle to kick their […]

Winning the Customer Engagement Battle

It appears that many Marketers do not experience the joy of the win when it comes to customer engagement. How do I know this? Last April, my company, VeraCentra, commissioned Forrester Consulting to survey senior marketers to better understand how well they are advancing their customer engagement initiatives (download The Relevancy Promise: How People, Process […]