10 Digital Marketing Trends to Watch In 2016 and Beyond

Here is a great article from Marketing Dive.
10 digital marketing trends to watch in 2016 and beyond.

It starts by saying….”In 2016, the most important move that marketers may make is meeting consumers where they are, instead of on marketers’ terms.” COULDN’T AGREE MORE.

I’ve seen more and more articles surface about the idea of customer journey design. While there are many definitions of ‘customer journeys’, the new concept as I understand it, is to ‘lead’ customers into a “loyalty loop” with a brand, rather than a brand trying to ‘pull’ customers along in their lifecycle.

I see the challenge as having the ability to understand the unique cadence of a customer’s wants and needs, having the ability to anticipate future wants and needs, being able to act or execute and do this all in a war that makes generates an attractive ROI.
Many organizations have successfully designed and implemented customer journeys through traditional channels, such as email….the low hanging fruit for those who have not yet experimented with the concept. It begins with analytics to recognize current customer trends, then pre-planning communications, or customer journeys, to lead customers into higher levels of loyalty with a brand (and as fast as possible). A touch campaign if you will, that keeps ‘share of attention’ and emotional connection, until the time is right to strike…with the right message, at the right time, that stimulates a repeating purchase pattern.

It’s interesting how mass digital advertising is already making this shift to better personalize messages to better get in front of the right customer – at the right time – with the right message.

It’s going to be intriguing to see who can get there first.
What are your thoughts?

See the original article here!

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