Making 360º Customer Profiles a Reality

Make 360º Customer Profiles A Reality

Creating 360º customer profiles are vitally important if we are to deliver the personalized customer experiences our customers expect and demand. Yet, creating 360º customer profiles can seem elusive and hard to achieve.  But they are worth the effort. Not only because 360º customer profiles are a tangible tool that benefits marketing, but also because they can benefit the whole enterprise.  Here’s how you can take customer profiles from concept to tangible reality.

How to Create a Customer Profile                                  

A 360º customer profile is simply a collection of all your customer data stored in one place and then made available in a visual format, similar to a dashboard.  Since each customer interacts with your company in different ways, each profile will be unique.  Here is a 5-step process:

STEP 1: To start, think about what you want to know and understand about your customers.  Make a list.  This list could contain demographics as well as how your customers interact across various devices and channels.

STEP 2: Once you define your wish list, go back through your list, and identify where data may reside. You may need to identify which organizational function first (such as customer service) then drill down to the specific application. It’s a good idea to prioritize your list. Depending on your technology team’s bandwidth, you may need to phase in data over time.

Don’t overlook your customers as a potential source for data collection.  For example, you may ask some questions about intent during a web interaction to narrow search efforts. You will receive more data, and the customer will get a better user experience.

STEP 3: Work with your technology team to determine how data will be extracted from the source applications and fed into your central data repository. Work toward making the extraction process as real time as possible.

STEP 4: You will need a method to match up customer records to achieve that one single view of the customer. Map your data to the right people by customer name, IDs, or other uniquely identifiable parameters. Advanced matching algorithms can go deeper to determine more matches based on several parameters.  For example, you can match a nick name with a full name or even unknown customers to a known customer record.

Remember that data cleansing is key to leveraging your data.  If your data is in a messy state, you’ll want to run cleansing routines.

STEP 5:  The last step in the processes is determining how to visualize your 360º customer profiles.  There are many data visualization tools you can use for this purpose.

Now the fun begins. Analyze each customer’s shopping habits, purchase behaviors, and responses to different types of messages and offers.  Identify channel preference, analyze the customer journey, identify pain points, the list goes on.  With this deep understanding of your customers, you are ready to engage in more meaningful ways.

Share the Knowledge

Now that your 360º profiles are in place, be sure to make them accessible to the whole enterprise; customer service, in-store sales associates, online sales representatives, product development, and so on.

Only then can you deliver a real-time personalized experience and maximum ROI, loyalty, and lifetime value.

To find out more about how to create 360º customer profiles and implement them across the enterprise, download our latest eBook, How to Implement Personalization Across all Customer Touchpoints.

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