5 Ways to Advance Your Personalization Strategy

Advancing your personalization strategy takes a shift in mindset and process to that of customer first. Yet, in most marketing organizations, there is not yet an in-depth skillset around developing a customer first strategy. And, marketing continues to be brand/product first, trigger, event or promo focused, and channels remain in silos.  How can marketing leaders implement the transformation needed to switch from current strategies and tactics to new and better ways to personalize customer engagement?


Developing a New Playbook to Advance Personalization

You don’t have to look too far to find evidence that advancing your personalization strategy is good for business. A Forrester Research Study states the case quite succinctly. Advanced personalization increases average order values 1.9x, customer retention 1.7x, and customer lifetime value 1.6x.

However, achieving these kinds of results is not a straightforward matter. It requires an organizational transformation to break down the silos and re-tool everyone’s mindset from focusing on business outcomes first, and direct programs to achieve those outcomes, to a customer first focus with outcomes to follow.

In other words, a new integrated approach that spans the organization is needed — a new playbook. A playbook that, ultimately, allows the organization to fully realize a unified customer experience.


Collaboration — The Advanced Way of Working

Developing a new playbook works best when there is collaboration across the organization (with marketing taking the lead). One of the best ways to encourage people to be open to new ideas, ways of working, and mindsets is by getting everyone involved. A great place to start is with a series of workshops that allows your team to have ownership of the deliverables — working toward making the customer experience more unified and tailored.


5 Workshop Topics

Here are five topics to get you started on the road to developing a new playbook with your team:

  • Create customer experience map and identify pain points. Work as a team to create and execute ways to remove those pain points
  • Perform customer journey analysis and identify opportunities to make the journey easier for the customer
  • Identify stops in the work flow on the path to purchase and develop new experiences that pave the way.
  • Take current programs and elevate them to simplify and make more convenient for the customer.
  • Create new programs focused giving the customer what they need and want, when they want it with tailored real-time interactions.

Advancing your personalization strategy is not an option. Leading brands are demonstrating to their customers that they care for them as individuals and their customers are responding with their loyalty.

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