Advanced Personalization Techniques

Advanced Personalization Techniques–Making Things Easier for Your Customer

The concept of personalization is commonplace in marketing organizations. But, personalization techniques are evolving rapidly from a tactical to a strategic approach based on making things easier for an individual customer. Leading brands have evolved their personalization strategies to meet individual customer’s demands for intimacy. If you are not following suit your customers will notice and you risk losing market share.

How Are Personalization Techniques Advancing?

The personalization tactics of today vs the new and more advanced personalization strategies are as different as night and day. Most marketing organizations are using personalization tactics that focus on relevancy — event triggers, segments or personas — and are constructing messages and offers based on what others have done in the past – for example, people who bought this also bought this.

Advanced personalization strategies focus on the individual customer experience – making things easier for the customer — and are based on predictive analytics and insights. Advanced personalization techniques deliver an experience that uses customer data and understanding to frame, guide, extend, and enhance interactions based on an individual’s history, preferences, context, and intent. ​Its aim is to improve a customer’s experience by make things easier for them – for example, I buy a dress and the brand makes a recommendation for a dress shoes, a bag, and a jacket that will complete the outfit. Or, you upload a picture of yourself so you can try different shades of lipstick before you buy. Both actions help the customer.



What is Best for the Individual Customer A Customer Centric Approach

Customers have realized that one of the big advantages of technology is that it helps them quickly take care of what they deem to be mundane tasks. This allows them to move on to spending their time doing the things they want to do and enjoying experiences that make them happy and enrich their lives.

Advanced personalization is a customer-centric strategy, not a traditional product centric approach. It demands organizations to flip their mindset, processes, and outlook to be “people first.” It is all about what is best for the individual customer and is based on understanding their behavior, preferences, wants and needs. It uses machine learning to help marketers, and others in the organization who have touchpoints with the customer, create unique experiences based on customer context and intent. It is not based on what everyone else has done in the past.

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