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Finding Successful Customer Experience Strategies

According to a Walker study, Customer Experience is the new competitive battle field for organizations.  In fact, the study states that by the year 2020, the customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator.  2020! If this research is accurate, organizations that take little or no action will eventually lose market […]

Apparently, 50% of Millennials Check Their Email While Using The Restroom

Harvard Business Review has come out with a series of articles discussing the enduring importance and relevance of email. Reading things like, “more people check email on their mobile devices than they do listening to music” and “half of all millennials check their email when using the restroom” REALLY BLEW MY MIND. (I thought they […]

The Painful Truth About Manual Emails

Manual is defined as doing or involving hard physical work. In the world of marketing, tedious and time consuming is a better way to define it. In a world where “do more with less” is the mantra; some marketing departments have turned into email factories. 99% manual mode is not sustainable.  Not sustainable from a […]

Relevancy: Technology Driven or Human Driven?

Relevancy and personalization capability have now become the high bar in effective customer marketing. Organizations are trying to figure out the best approach to make relevancy a reality.  (And at a price point that delivers an attractive ROI). There are CRM technology platforms that collect meaningful customer information, segment and execute personalized communications. And there […]

Are ‘digital journeys’ enough to be competitive?

Here is a great article from HBR on customer journeys. It reiterates that more and more brands are implementing journeys that ‘lead’ customers, rather than react to digital behavior, try to anticipate their next move and position themselves in the shoppers’ paths. Organizations now are viewing proactive, pre-designed customer journeys as a competitive advantage, as […]

10 Digital Marketing Trends to Watch In 2016 and Beyond

Here is a great article from Marketing Dive. 10 digital marketing trends to watch in 2016 and beyond. It starts by saying….”In 2016, the most important move that marketers may make is meeting consumers where they are, instead of on marketers’ terms.” COULDN’T AGREE MORE. I’ve seen more and more articles surface about the idea […]

The Secret to Smartphone Marketing Is Still Email

I was surprised to read that smart phone users spend more time reading emails than they do listening to music. Because consumers are spending so much time in email, we as marketers need to be doing everything possible to make sure we are optimizing that channel. We all know it’s an inexpensive way to drive […]