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How to Implement Customer Personalization Across All Touchpoints

Customer personalization is top of mind for most marketing leaders. As it should be, given the last competitive battle field is creating personalized customer experiences. And, it has become very clear that customer personalization is the winning strategy to increase loyalty and drive revenue growth. 86% of buyers say they will pay more for a […]

The Marketing Data and Analytics Challenge – 10 Key Facts

Big data just keeps getting bigger! And every Marketing Leader is under great competitive pressure to harness big data for smarter personalized customer experiences. Yet, most are having a hard time getting their arms around the data their departments need to create the personalized experiences customers now expect. In fact, less than 1% of data […]

Marketing Cloud Technology Falling Short of Marketers Expectations

Investment in marketing technology to help us deliver personalized customer experiences is exploding. However, it is also true that many of us are facing a disturbing trend –that the operational benefits of marketing cloud technologies, we have invested in, are not as we expected. Bottom line, many cloud technologies are sold as a complete solution […]

Only 1:5 Companies Have the Skills to Analyze Marketing Data Effectively

Over the past few years, many brands have focused their marketing technology investments efforts on breaking down data silos to develop a centralized repository for all customer data – first, second and third party. However, tracking customer behavior with centralized data-driven marketing is only the beginning of an ongoing process to understand how to deliver […]

Rethink How You Are Delivering Personalized Experiences

It’s a given. Customers today expect brands to know them and deliver personalized experiences. Studies reveal that 86% of buyers will pay more for a better customer experience and by 2020; customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator. But while many brands believe they deliver an exceptional personalized customer experience, […]

Why Personalization Matters (And 5 Wrong and Right Ways to Deliver It)

As marketers, many of us leverage personalization software to deliver digital personalization in our customer communications.  So perhaps we’ve fooled ourselves into thinking that we are delivering the types of personalized experiences our customers expect.   The fact is our customers think otherwise. Gartner reports only 1:5 brands deliver a personalized experience that meets customers’ expectations. […]

Why Negative Customer Experiences Are Bad for Business (and What to Do About It)

Delivering hyper-personalized customer experiences that leave your customer saying – Wow, is the mantra for all brands in today’s customer-centric environment. Customer expectations for personalized experiences are increasing every day and the competitive environment is getting fiercer. The stakes are high, yet many organizations fail to invest in personalization strategies and the technologies and resources […]

Customers Are Channel Agnostic. Do You Have a Channel Agnostic Marketing Strategy?

Customers don’t think about channels when they are shopping your brand. In fact, you could say customers are channel agnostic. And that is a problem, because many brands’ interactions with customers are still driven by some form of channel approach – multi-channel, cross-channel, even omni-channel. But to truly meet customer expectations, we need to ditch […]

Why Integrating Marketing Technologies in 2018 is a Must

In a recent Forbes article, the importance of shifting our full focus to the integration of our marketing technologies and leaving yesterday’s silos behind, was summed up very succinctly. “2017 was the year of digital discovery. 2018 will be the year of technology and more integration of it into mainstream retail. It will be the […]

5 Predictive Analytics Models that Fuel Customer Engagement

As marketers, we are constantly put in the positon of trying to anticipate a customer’s next move. It is an important part of modern day marketing strategy and when it comes to ways that help us stay ahead, or at least in step, with customers, predictive analytics are our friend. Using historical and current data, […]

Making Customer Experience Management Priority One

A Walker study states that by the year 2020 customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator. So, it’s no surprise that customer experience management is a much talked about topic in most marketing circles. Yet, many companies continue to struggle with how to approach the transition from product centric to […]

The Interrelationship of Data, Analytics, and Insights

The Interrelationship of Data, Analytics, and Insights Like goals, strategy, and tactics, where people confuse the terms and use them interchangeably, many do not understand fully the exact definitions and interdependency of data, analytics, and insights. This not only causes confusion, but also a lot of redundancy. What we need is an easy way to […]

4 Segmentation Strategies to Help Target Customers

One of the most frequently applied marketing strategies today is that of customer segmentation, targeting and positioning (STP). Segmentation strategies help marketers define and understand specific buyer populations and leverage that insight to deliver more relevant offers. This is not a new phenomenon. Traditional marketing techniques also involved separating and targeting consumers by general characteristics […]

Put These 7 Marketing Trends on Your Radar for 2018

As we head to the end of the year, it is time to look at the some of the key marketing trends bubbling up for 2018. Many are technology related, which shouldn’t be surprising. Technology advances continue to accelerate customer demands and our ability to respond. 7 Marketing Trends We Are Watching Closely… AI live […]

4 Rules for Cross Channel Campaign Management

Customers are demanding and getting briefer, quicker, and hyper-personalized content every day, in real-time. How do marketers keep up with the demands of their customers? Cross channel campaign management is the key. Cross channel campaigns demand a different type of planning from more traditional push campaigns. Campaigns need to be able to speak to an […]

Choosing the Right Real-Time Technologies

A new Forrester report predicts that marketing technology budgets will “grow by double digits” in 2018. Why? Because we all realize that a cohesive strategy that fuses real-time marketing technology and product is a must if we are to drive growth. With a boat load of marketing technology options and vendors to pick from – […]

Data Structures to Support Real-Time Engagement

The key to real-time is performance. You need to be able to integrate what you know about a customer with what they are doing right now to drive split second decisions about what to say, or do, next. Many current data structures do not support the high-level performance needed to engage customers in real-time. Data […]