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Impactful Tips for Building a Strategic Marketing Budget

For many of us it’s budget season, again. The time of the year when we scratch our heads and wonder how we are going to convince everyone to sign off on a marketing budget that will actually allow us to deliver on the goals and objectives that have been laid down for 2017. And, if […]

Marketing is Nothing Without Context!

There has been a lot of buzz recently about “contextual marketing” and along with the buzz there seems to be confusion as to what contextual marketing really means. Interestingly, I think many of us would argue that every marketing campaign is contextual. After all, the definition of context is, “the circumstances that form the setting […]

Where’s the Humanity in Data-Driven Marketing?

Some say marketing is as old as civilization itself. Others, that it is a relatively new discipline, born out of the Industrial Revolution. Whatever your take on the history of marketing, it is clear that the technological advances of the past 15 years have changed marketing dramatically. Whichever way you look at it, marketing is […]

Marketers + Analysts: Where’s The Common Ground?

As marketers, we rely on analysts to help us understand our customers’ behaviors so we can create relevant and meaningful customer centric marketing programs. But sometimes when marketing meets analytics, and vice versa, it can seem like both are speaking two very different languages. But, as the importance of leveraging big data for competitive advantage […]

The Great Digital / Non-Digital Divide

Anyone who deals with customer relationships knows we are missing out on valuable customer information and insight if we don’t integrate our non digital and digital data. Data that could shed broader insight into our customers’ interests and needs. And yet, many of us shy away from doing so because of the fear of making […]

3 Impactful Ways to Improve Your Customer Loyalty Strategy

I think we can all agree that achieving customer loyalty these days is getting harder and harder. Marketers everywhere are shifting their priorities and evolving their capabilities in an effort to better capture and retain today’s always connected customers.  But how well are consumer-focused organizations evolving their capabilities to become more effective and relevant? To […]

Want To Ramp Up Customer Loyalty? Get More Granular.

A couple of weeks ago I was at the Customer Relationship Marketing Conference (CRMC), in Chicago. The conferences theme was “Experiencing the Future” with a common theme of moving beyond standardized practices to deliver on personalization and relevant customer experiences. One of the more interesting presentations, in my opinion, was given by Mike Hogan, EVP […]

Why Diminishing Brand Loyalty Remains a Critical Challenge for Marketers

The days of being able to steer a customer down the linear marketing funnel are long gone. Succeeding in the increasingly complex age of the customer requires mastery of customer engagement and loyalty beyond customer acquisition. It requires an insightful understanding of the customer journey and how to maximize customer relationships at each stage of […]

How Marketing Is Falling Short of the Relevancy Promise

How Marketing Is Falling Short of the Relevancy Promise? Engaging and winning the loyalty of today’s empowered customer is no simple task. It has demanded Marketing organizations re-assess their priorities and invest in the right people, process, and technology to develop more fulfilling customer experiences and engender stronger brand loyalty. Yet, 50% of Marketers state […]

Connected to vs. Connecting with Customers. Is There A Difference?

The word ‘connected” is synonymous with our digital age. We are super-connected through technology to everything going on in our world and the world at large. And Big Data has allowed our businesses to bring together many small pieces of information to analyze and construct real or notional links, particularly when it comes to the […]

Is Marketing Action Drawing The Short Straw?

We all know building customer relationships starts with having the right data. And that having the know how to mine the data for insights about how and what customers think, feel, and do is as critical. Companies have invested resources and dollars to make sure data is not left on the table, enabling teams, including […]

Apparently, 50% of Millennials Check Their Email While Using The Restroom

Harvard Business Review has come out with a series of articles discussing the enduring importance and relevance of email. Reading things like, “more people check email on their mobile devices than they do listening to music” and “half of all millennials check their email when using the restroom” REALLY BLEW MY MIND. (I thought they […]

The Painful Truth About Manual Emails

Manual is defined as doing or involving hard physical work. In the world of marketing, tedious and time consuming is a better way to define it. In a world where “do more with less” is the mantra; some marketing departments have turned into email factories. 99% manual mode is not sustainable.  Not sustainable from a […]

Relevancy: Technology Driven or Human Driven?

Relevancy and personalization capability have now become the high bar in effective customer marketing. Organizations are trying to figure out the best approach to make relevancy a reality.  (And at a price point that delivers an attractive ROI). There are CRM technology platforms that collect meaningful customer information, segment and execute personalized communications. And there […]

Why Leave Customer Loyalty to Chance?

In response to the new empowered customer, brands are ramping up customer analytic capabilities to better understand their customer behaviors and improve their ability to target offers for goods and services.  Relevancy and personalization capability have now become the high bar in effective customer marketing.   But now, there’s a new strategy in town and it’s […]