Balancing the Scales: Data Driven and Customer Centric Marketing

Balancing the Scales: Data Driven and Customer Centric Marketing

Where would we be without data in today’s marketing world?

It allows us to come to a better understanding of which channels are working, how customers are engaging and converting, and whether, or not, we are meeting our performance goals.

Data is Good, But Not Everything

Data is a key business driver and the source of many of our customer insights. But we must make sure we don’t lose sight of marketing’s ultimate mission — to delight and inspire each of our customers to be emotionally connected to our brand. By delivering a great experience. Ultimately the customer needs to come first if we are to engage them in a hyper-personalized manner.

Balancing the Scales

As we think about the relationship between our brand and our customers we need to balance the scales. Data always matters. It is where we get our information about the behaviors, intent, and preferences of our customers. Yet, what also matters is building and retain an emotional and hyper-personalized connection with each individual customer.

The risk of not always keeping the customer in mind is that we lose the long-term (loyalty, lifetime value, share of wallet) forest for the trees. And, the long-term relationship is, after all, what we are all aiming for.

Our new eBook,  Cross Channel and Real-Time Capabilities: Advancing Marketing’s Productivityoutlines how to keep things in balance – using our data and the new technologies available to us to add context, cross channel, and real-time capabilities to create and strengthen our brand’s connection with our customers.


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