The Benefits of Machine Learning for Marketing

The Benefits of Machine Learning for Marketing

Machine learning is playing a bigger role in our daily lives.  Look no further than Apple’s Siri, “you might also like” suggestions on Amazon, or pre-approved credit offers, to experience machine learning in action.  By definition, machine learning is artificial intelligence that enables the ability to learn and create accurate predictions without explicit programming.  While machine learning applications can be leveraged across the entire enterprise, the benefits of machine learning for marketing are nothing but exciting!

Data is the Key to Competitive Differentiation

Few can argue that today’s competitive differentiation lies in our ability to use data to better understand customers.  We use that insight to take action on what we know by designing personalized experiences.

One common challenge amongst marketers is the ability to harness the power of the vast and varied amount of data generated by our customers.  The second challenge falls in the ability operationalize the insight and the ability to scale communications in real-time, so customers enjoy a personalized experience.

This where machine learning plays a key strategic role in marketing.

Predict, Optimize, and Automate

To fully leverage machine learning, all customer data must be connected to form a single 360º view of customer activity, across all channels and devices. Machine learning can then predict, optimize, and automate real-time decisioning to drive next best actions including; offers, alerts, notifications, and other contextually correct and relevant messages.  The benefits of machine learning include the ability to efficiently create meaningful customer experiences, at scale with reduced marketing effort.   What could be more exciting?

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