Traditional Push Campaign Creative Doesn’t Cut it

One of the many struggles we face as we gear up our marketing for real-time execution is how to formulate campaign creative to meet the hyper-personalization demands of the customer without “killing” the creative teams.

Is Your Campaign Creative Ready for Real-Time?

Real-time marketing demands a different type of thinking when it comes to creating campaigns and creative, and it is not just about volume. It is about relevant and meaningful messages for a segment of one, at scale.

Campaign management systems can help, but how do you know what creative you will need?  The first thing we need to recognize is the old push or calendar driven batch and blast product creative just doesn’t work anymore.

Traditional campaigns, at best, have versioning of one message. We need to shift our thinking to personalized customer driven creative, that engages the customer with creative messages that show we understand each of them and care. This requires us to understand both the big picture — the full extent of the customer journey — and be prepared to, in real-time, deliver personalized messages, at scale, when and where the customer is ready to receive them.

Personalized Campaign Creative Does Not Mean Unlimited Options

The way to deliver personalized campaigns without getting into a downward spiral of creative options is to shift our thinking from product events to events based on a customer’s behavior – both current and predictive using our understanding of the customer journey –- for example, next best action.

To deliver personalized creative, we not only need a content management system, allowing us to have a library of images and copy, but also a cross channel engagement and a customer data platform to make hyper personalization and real-time campaign creative a reality.

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