Do You Have a Channel Agnostic Marketing Strategy?

Customers Are Channel Agnostic. Do You Have a Channel Agnostic Marketing Strategy?

Customers don’t think about channels when they are shopping your brand. In fact, you could say customers are channel agnostic. And that is a problem, because many brands’ interactions with customers are still driven by some form of channel approach – multi-channel, cross-channel, even omni-channel. But to truly meet customer expectations, we need to ditch the word channel to create a new shared vocabulary focused on journeys – customer-centric journeys.

The Challenges of Adopting a Channel Agnostic View

Gleanster Research reports that, “For brands to adopt a channel agnostic view and to develop the proper approach whereby data from different sources and formats are integrated in a journey-centric perspective is a huge challenge and exercise.”

Why? Because, despite the obvious shifts in customer behavior, many of our systems, processes, business units, and revenue goals continue to be organized around channels.

Yet, the importance of connecting CRM and digital interactions, touchpoints and campaigns, has never been clearer. A customer centric business must interact with customers across touchpoints to gain insights, drive new actions, and most of all put the customer (not the channel or product) at the center of the business. The traditional linear funnel model of AIDA (awareness, interest, desire, and action) is breaking down rapidly. Customer journeys are no longer linear as touchpoints and conversions happen anywhere and everywhere.

Deploying a Channel Agnostic Marketing Strategy

What does this mean for brands? A new holistic strategy must be put in place. Oftentimes we think that technology is the answer. And while having the right technologies in place that centralize all data sources and allow for inline analytics and journey orchestration, is certainly important, they do not replace strategy. To deliver the experiences our customers are demanding we need the clear intention of knowing each of our customer’s needs and wants. And, how to align our brand’s values to those needs and wants to provide consistent, focused, and impactful customer experiences.

A final note. It is consistent, focused, and impactful customer experiences that drive revenue and ROI, not the channels. That’s what a customer centric view is all about.

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