Why Are Companies Slow To Adopt Modern Customer Engagement Strategies?

As marketers, we know that we must have customer loyalty to achieve revenue growth. Plus, we know that with the advances in technology, tools, and data, and the relentless demands of the multi-channel environment, there are more modern ways to accomplish this critical strategy. It’s called Customer Engagement.

Yet many studies show that Marketers are slow to adopt more modern approaches. But is it the Marketer that is slow to adopt? Or is it the organization that’s slow?

Misalignment of Marketing Desires and Organizational Capability

When I hear marketers are challenged with data, outdated technology tools, and the pressures to promote product categories, instead of build relationship with customers, my guess is that marketing’s desire and organizational capability do not align. That’s a tough spot for a marketer to be in.

In an effort to help marketers overcome these organizational obstacles, I began to research and study the state of organizational readiness for customer engagement strategies. As part of this exploration, I had my company, VeraCentra, commission Forrester Consulting to survey B to C companies, and their senior Marketers, to better understand if, and where, the alignment of desires versus capability was out of whack.

The insights that emerged from this research and the Forrester commissioned study are the subject of VeraCentra’s newly published e-book;

Paving the Path to Better Customer Engagement: Five Ways to Kick Programs into High Gear.   

The e-book is designed to help marketers pinpoint the main obstacles that are preventing them from adopting more modern approaches to customer engagement. And, it provides quantified facts that support the business case for investment in improved data, technology tools, and the resources needed to adopt more modern customer engagement strategies. You can download your copy of our eBook: Paving the Path to Better Customer Engagement: 5 Ways to Kick Program into High Gear, here.

About VeraCentra: Marketers everywhere want to use data to implement more modern customer engagement strategies.  But there can be many obstacles standing in the way of success. That’s where we come in. VeraCentra provides easy-access Customer Data Hubs. We represent best of breed Cross Channel Engagement Platforms (so marketers get the right fit) and offer the Technical and Marketing Services that guarantee speed to value and quick win ROI from technology investments. We deliver these solutions with an unmatched wholehearted approach bringing personalized support, care, and service to every client. That’s why many of our client relationships span more than a decade.  We’ve made it our mission to help marketers advance and thrive.

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