As marketers, we have certain business objectives and financial goals we need to meet.  So, what do we do?  We focus on campaign strategy to hit our numbers.  Still prevalent today, we strive for finding the right customers, in the right segments to target the right message in the right channel.   But campaigns today are not as effective as they used to be, even if we test, optimize and tweak our media mix.  Why?

One reason is your competitors are likely as skilled as you are in developing targeted campaigns.  Customers become overwhelmed with multiple messages and there’s no meaningful difference between your message and your competitors.   More importantly, and perhaps the most overlooked reason is that most customers interact with your brand outside of your campaigns.

It’s time for marketers to switch their focus from campaign strategy to customer interactions that drive engagement across the entire customer journey.  To transition to a contextual marketing strategy, marketing teams must think through how to deliver customer utility and devise ways to drive context as customers interact across all touchpoints.

Data and analytics play a huge role in delivering context.  Data and analytics fuel insights, while AI automates and optimizes meaningful interactions.  But it’s a contextual marketing strategy that ignites that first customer interaction.  And those customers then set off a chain reaction of continual interaction, learning more about your products or services, connecting with others and spreading the word about your brand; both positive and negative.

Campaigns still have a place, but much less prominent than they once were.  Marketing must shift efforts from campaign strategy to a contextual marketing strategy that drives customer engagement or risk losing wallet share to competitors.

One way to get started is to add context and real time to your current campaigns. Download How to Apply Context, Cross Channel and Real time To Your Current Marketing Campaigns to learn how.

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