Contextual Marketing

Turning Contextual Marketing into a Competitive Advantage 3 Things You Should Know

Contextual marketing is one of the industry’s most recent buzz phrases. But what does it really mean and why should we pay attention to it?

Contextual marketing is a fancy phrase for a marketing model that focuses on getting the right message, to the right person, at the right time. Typically associated with online advertising, the contextual marketing model can now be used across all channels, messages, and offers. Thanks to new advancements in data collection and technology, contextual marketing is a critical element in delivering the real-time personalized experiences our customers are demanding.

Contextual Marketing Content Starts the Conversation

Contextual marketing uses content that starts a conversation and engages customers to create a meaningful and lasting experience. And if executed well it can be a major competitive advantage, but only if you have the data and the ability to execute the dialogue in the right moment.

If you can’t collect or don’t have access to data that gives you a full understanding of your customer you can’t execute contextual messaging. And, if you don’t have a platform that allows you to conduct a dialogue in the right moment you can’t execute contextual marketing. Contextual marketing, like much of marketing, is about relevancy, timeliness, and consistency.

And, it is and increasingly important part of our arsenal as we deal with an ever-demanding customer, an ever-increasing number of channels and the ever-present risk of competitive poaching. 

Executing Contextual Marketing – 3 Things You Need

Here are three things you need to succeed at contextual marketing:

  1. Who, What, Where, and When: Do you have the data that allows you to truly understand your customer?
  2. Delivery Platform: Do you have the right technology to deliver contextual content, messaging, and offers in real-time?
  3. A Library of Content: To deliver messages and offers that increase your brand’s relevancy for the customer, in real-time, you need a library of content to pull from.

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