Where is the Creativity in Marketing Automation

Where is the Creativity in Marketing Automation?

As marketing becomes more and more data driven it is easy to assume that creativity has a diminished role. But the opposite is true. At its core, marketing has always been about creating messages that engage customers in the right place, at the right time, with the right message. While we have seen great advancements in our ability to predict the place, the time, and the type of message, we continue to need to develop an idea and a story, and design these elements into a creative campaign that connects the brand with the customer at an emotional level.

Data is Rational – The Science. Creativity is Emotional – The Art

In the past few years all the focus has been on data and the enabling technologies that allow us to understand the complexity of the customer journey, across multiple channels, and what they need, or want, at every turn. But, it’s not that easy to emotionally engage with data. Data is predominantly rational. It is the science of marketing. But the art of marketing is understanding emotional connections that can be made between the brand and the customer. The insights needed to build a creative campaign come from the humans analyzing the data. Even with machine learning helping to predict the customer’s next move you still need messages that connect the dots between the brand values and those of the customer to truly engage and drive customer loyalty. So, how does this work in the world of cross- channel and highly automated execution?

Evolving the Creative Lens for an Automated Marketing World

A different lens is needed to create the campaign content for an automated, multi-platform, real-time marketing world. A campaign needs to be, more than ever, greater than the sum of the parts. And, the biggest evolution is that the parts need to be able to be stitched together to form a unique mosaic for each customer, yet retain the look, feel, personality, and values of the brand. Creating content that can be stitched together for each individual customer’s real-time needs, does not mean we can walk away from having an idea and a story. In fact, one could argue that the idea and story are even more important. Without an idea and a story the content merely becomes a collection of random, unrelated messages without a hook to engage the customer (and keep them engaged) with the brand.

The automated world of today’s marketing requires we re-set our lens in terms of what a creative campaign is comprised of and that means we need to re-assess our approach to creating campaigns that work for a mosaic approach.

3 Considerations for Creating Campaigns for a Mosaic Approach:

  1. A new level of planning that can accommodate mosaic/matrix messaging.
  2. Evolved process for creative briefs and campaign development that allow for multiple channels and hyper-personalized execution.
  3. A rigorous adherence to brand style guides, including personality, voice and tone statements to ensure any campaign is consistent and recognizable as coming from the brand your customers trust.

 Science + Art = Innovation…

As with all technology advances, there is always a fear they will diminish the need for human creativity. But, as we understand how and what the technology is capable of, we always seem to arrive at the same conclusion – technology helps us do our jobs more efficiently and effectively, but it does not replace the need for creativity – for the elements that drive emotional connections. After all, as Steve Jobs so eloquently stated, “It’s technology married with liberal arts, married with the humanities, that yields us the results that make our heart sing.”

Here’s another tip for blending science + art. Take your creative campaigns and add context, real time, and cross channel capabilities to them by using advanced technologies for a blended and balanced output of Art + Science. Download our latest eBook to find out how: The Value of Context, Cross-Channel and Real-Time Capabilities.

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