Cross Channel versus Multi-Channel Marketing

Cross Channel Marketing versus Multi-Channel Marketing

Have you noticed that the success of your marketing efforts is diminishing over time, even after optimization and testing efforts? It could be because you are choosing the wrong execution channel. And, because your customers interact with your company across several channels (and devices) you are missing the opportunity to be heard. In this sophisticated customer environment, we need to execute our messages cross channel to engage our customers. We need a cohesive and consistent story executed where the customer is, at any point in time, on whatever platform or device the customer is using.

Cross Channel and Multi-Channel Marketing are not the Same

Multi-channel means having a presence in, and on, more than one channel or platform. Multi-channel is a silo-channel approach — meaning strategy and execution happens in individual channels (a vertical approach). Cross-channel means we are seamlessly and interchangeably marketing and interacting with our customers irrespective of the channel or device. Cross channel embraces the whole customer journey. It is cross channel capabilities that are needed to deliver the types of personalized experiences our customers demand.

The Customer Journey is Our North Star, Not the Channel.

This important capability empowers us to track customers as they use multiple channels (and devices) to make decisions to purchase or interact. Cross-channel orchestration enables you to design and execute marketing messages that match the customer’s path. When you can match the customer’s path, you increase the likelihood your customer will engage and respond.

According to Forrester, customers will pay more for a better experience. The personalized experiences we can create with cross channel orchestration are welcomed by your customer and they are more likely to engage further, increasing the probability of greater loyalty —so customer lifetime value increases along with customer satisfaction.

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