Satisfying Customer Data Protection Concerns, Marketing’s Check List

Satisfying Customer Data Protection Concerns Marketing’s Check List

Customer data protection issues are back in the news with the upcoming EU Data Protection Regulation (which goes into effect on May 25), California looking to introduce a new ballot initiative to extend their already stringent regulations, and Facebook recently announcing they would no longer fight this ballot initiative.

And, it is no wonder that some states are stepping up with stronger customer data protection initiatives, as it is the number one concern of online customers. 87% of users are taking active steps to improve their safety online (source: Digital Marketing Institute). And as more customer data protection regulations and guidelines are put in place it’s incumbent on marketers to understand their implications and follow them – or face penalties and/or fines. Or worse yet, lose customers…

Customers Sending Mixed Messages

However, these same customers are also sending mixed messages. About half say they don’t object to companies tracking their buying behaviors if it results in more relevant offers, and two thirds don’t mind text messages offering them coupons while in store. And, 6:10 believe getting relevant offers is more important than keeping their online activity private (source: Digital Marketing Institute).  No matter what the research shows, we all know that if it’s in the news, it’s on our customers’ minds. And, with a news cycle comes heightened vigilance.

A Marketer’s Check List

Given all of this and the ever-present requirement for brands to deliver personalization, here’s a checklist to help you stay on track when it comes to satisfying your customers’ data protection needs.

  1. Be transparent.
  2. Develop user-centric data protection controls to give customers control.
  3. Respect customer preferences, requests and interaction channel preferences.
  4. Prevent human intrusion by using automation wherever possible.
  5. Make sure your organization is compliant with the new EU Data Protection Regulation. This law will apply to any company that sells to European citizens or residents-or anyone who creates data in the EU.
  6. Consistently examine your current policies and make necessary changes.

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