Is Your Customer Engagement Strategy Ready For Real-Time?

A recent Forrester Research report stated that 40% of marketers are making real-time interactions with their customers a priority. And, Gartner predicts that, over the next few years, spending on real-time analytics is expected to grow three times faster than spending on non-real-time analytics.

Real-Time Customer Engagement.  The Latest Game-Changer.

Marketing in real-time is an opportunity for enhanced customer engagement few of us can ignore. Those of us who are lucky enough to have the capability to deliver real-time customer engagement are capitalizing on a significant competitive advantage. While there are great applications for outbound messaging, in my opinion, the true potential lies in the ability to respond to inbound customer interactions – those special moments of truth when you can deliver a personalized, awesome experience to any individual customer! Imagine the wow moments you can create to meaningfully connect with your customers. For example: your customer returns to your website and is served a personalized page based on everything you know about them, beyond their web behavior…  what they buy, where they buy, what they like, and who they are. No doubt your customer will engage… extend the visit time (not to mention put more dollars in the cart).

Real time empowers us to deliver real personalized experiences. These types of experiences elevate the game—and gives competitive advance to those who can execute.

New Technologies Provide the Necessary Agility.

The next generation of customer engagement platforms makes these real-time interactions possible. These technologies provide us with the agility needed to execute personalization at scale by combining advanced in-line analytics, with real time decision making and machine learning, to optimize our real-time customer engagement strategy. Now this is a game changer!  Predictive models no longer live outside our campaign management platforms as a separate process and event. In more modern customer engagement platforms, predictive models are imbedded directly into experience design workflows with drag and drop ease.  This advancement allows us to interact with our customers where and when they want to interact with us… in any channel, on any device and now… at any moment. That’s real time customer engagement.

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