A Successful Customer Engagement Strategy is the Sum of the Parts

We all know Aristotle’s phrase, “The whole is greater than the sum of the parts”.

Well it also holds true when it comes to our Customer Engagement Strategy. Given the relatively new advances in technology and analytics, we tend to focus on them to move our customer engagement forward. And, they probably will. But, if you have read Covey’s book, “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”, you will know that he is a big proponent of being part of the whole.  “Being properly part of the whole can lead to a 20 to 50 times increase in productivity.” And, technology and analytics alone, won’t necessarily get our customer engagement to where we want it.

Technology and Analytics Alone, Are Not the Sum of the Parts

What is the “whole” for our customer engagement strategy? To understand that, and other, questions, I researched and studied companies that were successfully increasing revenue, and those who were not. As part of my exploration, I had my company, VeraCentra, commission Forrester Consulting to survey B to C companies’ and their senior Marketers. The goal? Better understand the differences between the companies who were successfully increasing revenue with their customer engagement strategy and those who were lagging behind.

4 Key Strategies Drive Customer Engagement Success 

The study conclusively showed that the successful companies were simultaneously coordinating 4 key strategies: people, process, analytics, and technologies. As you can see from the chart below, those companies who recognize that people, process, analytics and technology are the sum of the parts (the whole) for successful customer engagement report significantly higher impact across a range of attributes, than those who do not.

Customer Engagement strategy

Whether you call it synergy or something else, there is something that happens when all parts are firing together with a common goal in sight. To get all the insights from VeraCentra’s Forrester Consulting commissioned study, you can download it here: 5 Ways to Kick Your Customer Engagement Programs into High Gear: Paving the Path to Better Customer Engagement.

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