Personalizing Your Customer Experience Marketing Strategy

Customer Experience Marketing Strategy: 5 Easy Ways to Add Personalization

The traditional marketing approach to campaign strategy isn’t as effective as it used to be. Many marketing programs still push products based on business need. The timing of campaigns continues to be calendar or event-driven. And marketing communications are still strategized, designed and executed in single channel silos.

Yet, customer expectations keep getting higher and the need for personalized customer experiences more urgent. So, sticking with generic, repetitive, and irrelevant campaigns, messaging, or offers is only going to make customers walk, increasing the risk of decreased revenue. In this environment, changing the way you market is not an option, it’s a mandate. But, how do you decide which strategic actions are the most urgent to move your organization toward personalizing your customer experience marketing strategy and keeping your customers happy?

5 Ways to Personalize Your Customer Experience Marketing Strategy Right Now.

1. Flip your marketing approach from product first to customer first. Research by McKinsey states that conveying a relevant message is up to 50 times more likely to trigger a purchase than a low impact recommendation.

2.  Centralized data fuels modern marketing techniques. Integrate the fragmented data created by channel specific technologies like: email tools, e-commerce engines, social media, and POS systems to achieve a 360º customer view. This holistic customer profile record captures all data, for a single customer, from across channels and systems, aggregates that data to understand what’s important to customers, and applies those customer insights to deliver personalized and engaging customer experiences.

3.  Add context to the mix by understanding your customer’s situation and perspective. The more you know about your customer’s needs and wants, the more personalized your messages will be. There is a much higher probability that a personalized message will capture your customer’s attention … increasing your marketing response and engagement levels.

4.  Deliver your messages and offers in real-time, at the exact moment your customer is there to receive it. Adding this capability to your tool set allows you to align your messaging to the customer’s interaction cadence, versus a calendar or event. Used effectively, real time creates a big wow response, sending customers a message that says, “Hey we know you!”

5.  Track customers across the entirety of their journey irrespective of channel or device. Cross channel is different from multi- channel. Multi-channel is a silo-channel approach — meaning strategy and execution happens in individual channels. Cross channel embraces the whole customer journey. Cross-channel orchestration enables you to design and execute marketing messages that match the customer’s path. When you can match the customer’s path, you increase the likelihood your customer will engage and respond.

To find out more about how to personalize your customer experience marketing strategy, download our eBook, How to Apply Context, Cross Channel, and Real-Time to Your Marketing Programs.


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