Personalized customer engagement campaigns

Three Data Driven Steps to Advance Personalized Customer Engagement Campaigns

“It’s All About Me” is an apt phrase to describe today’s customers. This is not to say that our customers are narcissists, but when it comes marketing they want messages and offers that are personalized and valuable to them.

When we don’t deliver on this expectation, our customer engagement campaigns don’t perform as they should.  What is the answer?

The Solution Lies in Data

Every customer interaction creates a piece of data. All this data adds up to a huge opportunity, if managed correctly. Data is what fuels our customer engagement campaigns. Data moves us closer to the level of understanding we need to engage a customer who expects us to know them, their channel preferences, and their every need and want.

Three Data Driven Steps to Drive Personalized Customer Engagement Campaigns

  1. Centralize Your Data: First things first. Start by implementing a Customer Data Hub or Platform.  Data hubs can integrate and manage all your customer data, irrespective of where it comes from or what formats it comes in. This includes online data, offline data and third party data.  Centralizing your data is the first step toward creating a 360 degree view of your customers.
  2. Single Customer Record: Since customers want to be known and remembered, we need a way of tracking every single thing they do in relationship to our brand and product categories. When they interact in multiple channels, we need to understand how they are interacting, and how they use each channel (including social media) to browse, shop, purchase, review, and share.  A single customer record gives us that persistent tracking of customer activity.  We can use this insight to create more personalized campaigns and experiences.
  3. Data Quality: We need to do more than collect and store our data. To maximize the performance of our customer engagement campaigns, the data must be de-duped and cleansed.  The cleaner the data the better the insight and the greater ability you’ll have to utilize your data for more personalized communications.

Don’t wait too long to get your data in order. If you think we are dealing with a lot of data now, it is only going to get worse. Think about how quickly the velocity and volume of data is increasing and the implications of the IoT becoming mainstream. Jump on these three steps now, and you will not only get the results you want from your campaigns, but will be prepared for what’s around the corner.

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