Digital Disruption

Digital Disruption and Personalized Customer Experiences

Most people think of digital disruption as reinvention of new business models that shake up the status quo, like what Uber did to car transportation.  But if you are working for a company established long before the rise of digital connection, you are likely looking for ways to digitally transform certain parts of a current working business model.  And that transformation is crucial when it comes to creating a competitive advantage.

More Companies Need Transformation 

A recent IBM study reports, 72% of businesses are not prepared for digital disruption, despite the fact that disruption innovators are in a position to outperform their competitors.  What’s holding these businesses back?  Perhaps transforming a current business model is more challenging than creating and launching a new model.  In any case, finding ways to react and shape digital transformation can be found by strategizing new, and different, ways to create more personalized customer experiences.

Customers today want to remain constantly connected to the people, the brands, and the things that matter most to them. And how they remain connected is what’s most critical to explore. From fitness wearables to smart appliances and other IoT, it’s how our customers connect today that offers the greatest opportunity to innovate.  We must look beyond the traditional communication channels.  Our strategies must embrace new ways to connect with customers digitally and must be highly relevant while being seamless and without friction.

Data and Agility Is Needed to Compete in a Digitally Disrupted World

Digital transformation and the ability to create personalized experiences cannot happen without the ability to collect, integrate, and analyze all customer data. The ability to activate that data in real-time by providing customer messages in context, across any digital channel or device, is the key to the type of personalization that creates digital competitive advantage.

Today’s technologies can facilitate the real-time agility and cross devise connection you need.  But do not assume technology drives digital transformation.  Strategy must take the lead, and robust technologies follow as enablers to strategy execution.

For more information about technology that supports digital transformation, download this solution brief provided by our technology partner, RedPoint Global.

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