Apparently, 50% of Millennials Check Their Email While Using The Restroom

Harvard Business Review has come out with a series of articles discussing the enduring importance and relevance of email.
Reading things like, “more people check email on their mobile devices than they do listening to music” and “half of all millennials check their email when using the restroom” REALLY BLEW MY MIND. (I thought they were all watching Netflix in there)
HBR says that email remains the standard for digital communication. Of course it does…we all know why.
But what is the standard for digital communication strategy?
The research suggests that organizations still have a window of opportunity to engage with their customers through email, through all the noise, and all the SPAM.
How do we as marketers create communications that stand out in the clutter? How do we capitalize on this opportunity to engage with our customers? How do we vie with competition for ‘share of attention’?
From my experience, the answer exists in the internal structure of any organization.
Is email governed by a customer relationship focused team?
Or is it governed by an isolated e-comm team?
What are the different strategies the two teams deploy and what are the results of their efforts?
What is the best way to engage with customers while they are finger scrolling through their chaos of emails?