Investing in Personalized Customer Experiences Real-Time

5 Real-Time Capabilities You Need to Deliver Personalization

Many of us are faced with the reality that there is a gap between what our customers expect us to deliver, in terms of real-time personalization, and what our organization’s real-time capabilities are. McKinsey reports 48% of marketers are challenged to transform their marketing messages to real-time customer interactions. We know we need to close the gap. But without an objective assessment of what our marketing is delivering and where the gaps lie, the complexity of the landscape can have us going around in circles.

Unpacking the Complexity of the Landscape

The question we need to ask ourselves is, how do we objectively assess what the gaps are and what real-time capabilities we need to invest in to close them?

The good news is that in practice, real-time marketing is not that hard to layer into your existing capabilities. It boils down to being able to identify where your organization is currently and what capabilities and corresponding real-time technologies you need to close the gaps. Then you can assess the tools and techniques available to augment your current system.

5 Must Have Capabilities

As you address the gaps, ensure your current technologies are robust enough to support the 5 capabilities listed below:

  1. Access to clean customer data, across all channels, in near real-time (for next-best-actions and real time decisions).
  2. The ability to execute cross channel customer journeys in real time.
  3. Access to a centralized library of offers and messages that can be executed in real-time (or right time) across inbound and outbound channels.
  4. The ability to embed personalized, relevant content inside transactional, triggered messages.
  5. Automatically re-decision offers and messages based on real-time feedback by leveraging machine learning technologies.

Of course, you’ll need to do a deeper dive into the specific gaps your organization needs to close.  Here’s a tool that can help you with that assessment — VeraCentra’s Customer Engagement Readiness Framework. Available for download, here. 

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