Implementing Customer Personalization Across All Touchpoints

How to Implement Customer Personalization Across All Touchpoints

Customer personalization is top of mind for most marketing leaders. As it should be, given the last competitive battle field is creating personalized customer experiences. And, it has become very clear that customer personalization is the winning strategy to increase loyalty and drive revenue growth. 86% of buyers say they will pay more for a better customer experience — Customer Experience Survey Index Study, 2017.

Most Customer Personalization Solutions Remain Single Channel Focused

Within marketing teams, individual channel specialists continue to leverage vertical technology
tools to execute marketing programs and track customer response. For example, E-mail services provide tools to make email execution more personalized and personalization software exists for e-commerce platforms. However, many of these tools work in isolation and therefore, can be obstacles to the cross-channel execution needed to deliver a unified customer experience across all touchpoints.

Holistic Customer Personalization Strategy Needed

What’s needed is a holistic personalization strategy executable across all customer touchpoints. As the Harvard Business Review article, “The Ultimate Marketing Machine”, describes, “What marketers need to do to engage customers today is not limited to a single-channel experience. Marketers need to demonstrate strong leadership to promote change, and cross-channel teams must collaborate to design and execute a unified personalized customer experience.”

It’s Not Easy

A holistic customer personalization strategy requires changes on multiple fronts including strategy, technology, and process. And shifting the organization from entrenched marketing models to a new model focused on customer-centric marketing takes time, effort and most importantly, a planned approach.

A planned approach allows marketers to develop a clear vision for a customer personalization strategy along with an incremental process to execute change, allowing for iterative learning and cost-efficient scalability of needed technology investments.

The relentless need to satisfy an empowered customer, the intensifying competition, and multiplying channels, demand marketers evolve their customer personalization strategy, now. Otherwise, they risk diminished customer loyalty, wallet share, and ultimately revenue.

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