Increasing Customer Conversion

5 Ways Marketing Technologies Can Help Increase Customer Conversion

How many potential customers has your organization let walk, or abandon a cart, or… These are problems many companies face. Yet, we all know that advancing customer acquisition is a critical component in increasing revenue. Oftentimes, the answer to why customer conversion is not higher has nothing to do with your brand image, or the products you are offering, or your marketing campaigns, or customer service, but a lack of insight into the behaviors and psychology of your customers that would enable your marketing teams to structure their strategies and campaigns to meet a customer’s specific needs.

Moving the Customer from No to Yes More Often…

New marketing technologies now make it easier for marketing teams to meet the always increasing demands of today’s sophisticated customers — helping them increase conversion by moving more customers from no to yes. And these new technologies are available and accessible to all, not matter what your company size.

Data Driven Marketing Technologies are the Key

In a multi-channel, multi-device world everything is driven by our organization’s ability to capture, analyze, and act on the wealth of data each, and every, potential customer generates when they interact with our brand. And the only way to do that is to layer new technologies such as customer hubs and inline analytics into your current system.

5 Ways Marketing Technologies Help Increase Conversion

  1. Move from Instinct to real Insight based on data.
  2. Understand the purchase motivations of your customers.
  3. Create and act on a segment of one, at scale.
  4. Understand the customer’s journey, irrespective of channel or device.
  5. Interact with each customer in real-time.

Our latest eBook, The Value of Context, Cross Channel and Real-Time Capabilities: Advancing Marketing’s Productivity,   outlines the capabilities and technology platforms needed to increase customer conversion. It is available to download, here.

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