Why Integrating Marketing Technologies in 2018 is a Must

In a recent Forbes article, the importance of shifting our full focus to the integration of our marketing technologies and leaving yesterday’s silos behind, was summed up very succinctly. “2017 was the year of digital discovery. 2018 will be the year of technology and more integration of it into mainstream retail. It will be the year where we see retailers create new operating models that are less focused on their store vs. the web and more focused on creating experiences that gives customers more control and convenient ways to shop. It will be an exciting year where customers will find newness and creativity.”

How Does Your Organization Stack Up?

It’s surprising that skepticism still exists among the leadership of many organizations.  These organizations expect marketing departments to operate without a centralized view of their customers. Thus, they continue to spend valuable time trying to piece together the customer journey, their behavior and preferences, rather than having the time to understand each customer and provide them with an individualized channel customer experience that has customers saying “Wow!”

Integrating Marketing Technologies Starts with Centralized Data

A strong data foundation is needed if we are to give our marketers the tools they need to optimize customer data in a way that delivers the greatest value.

Start by centralizing the fragmented data created by silos and channel specific technologies like; email tools, e-commerce engines, social media, and POS systems. Data integration can be achieved with a Data Hub that layers onto your current systems. This alone will greatly help your marketers’ ability to craft a clear picture of the customer’s journey and where marketing can influence their behavior.

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