Investing in Personalized Customer Experiences

Investing in Personalized Customer Experiences

Marketing is facing a new reality; that of transformation. The technologies customers use to interact with brands are transforming not only the way we do marketing but also the way we need to treat our customers. We know we need to do something to deliver more personalized customer experiences, especially when our competitors are early adopters. None of us wants to, or can afford to, lose any of our competitive advantage. But where do we start?

The Balancing Act – Business vs. Customer

There is always the need to balance valid business concerns with the desire to take care of our customers. After all, we will not do ourselves, or our organization, any favors if we don’t stay keenly aware of our responsibility to strike the right balance between customer need and what the organization can realistically invest.

The debate does not center around whether to invest in delivering more personalized customer experience, but how much do we need to invest to transform. Can we migrate in a couple of areas to deliver the value needed to execute more personalized customer experiences?

Understanding the Expectations of YOUR Customers

Customers’ expectations vary by brand, so it is difficult to assess your marketing organization’s needs until you understand, fully, what your customers’ expectations are when it comes to personalized experiences from your brand. So start there.

Once you have this understanding, assess where your company is in terms of delivering your customers’ expectations. Identify the gaps between company/organizational capabilities and customers’ expectations. Prioritize the capabilities you need to shore up or develop to close the gap. Lastly, build a plan to fill the gap with reasonable investments you can afford.

Delivering more personalized customer experiences is not an option in today’s transformational marketing landscape. Striking a balance between our business needs and our customers desires requires a fresh look at where we are with our specific customers and closing the gap in a judicious manner.

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