The Key to Driving Customer Engagement – Connected Data!

As marketers, we have struggled for years trying to wrestle all the data available to us to better understand customers, predict their needs, and engage them by delivering personalized experiences. New channels are constantly emerging, Big Data keeps getting bigger, and now the Internet of Things has entered the scene. According to the CMO Council, 61% of CMO’s believe they are under-leveraging big data. Big data is not the only issue of course. Many of us are struggling to simply integrate our online and offline customer engagement data.

Measuring the effect of different activities for different channels is very hard, especially if you can’t view engagement data across channel silos, marketing applications, and platforms. Lost is the insight into what behaviors in any given channel drove the ideal behaviors in another. In addition, there’s simply no way to link a sale, and the marketing activity that generated the sale, to an individual customer.

That’s where customer data hubs, and their ability to provide us with connected data, come in.  Customer data hubs deploy new techniques and new technologies that connect data silos to form a single view into an individual customer’s behavior across all channels and devices.

A customer data hub can centralize all the disparate and silo pieces of information we have about a customer — who they are, where they are, what their interests are, what they’re looking for, and their shopping habits across all channels — and integrate all of it into a unique customer profile.

The concept of a customer data hub is not new.  In earlier versions, they served as a centralized data repository or a master customer data base. What is new (and improved) is their advanced ability to ingest all types of dynamic data, perform quality and hygiene routines, cross match multiple records, and remove duplication, all contributing to the one single customer profile.

With seamless connected data within a customer data hub, everything gets easier…customer analysis, marketing campaign development, cross channel execution, and post campaign ROI analysis. Hallelujah!

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