Customer Marketing

Product Marketing is Dead. Long Live Customer Marketing

One of the biggest challenges businesses face today is how to market to an ever-demanding customer. A customer who wants us to know their every need and want, deliver a hyper personalized experience, including messages and offers that are personal and relevant, in real-time.

A Shift in Company Culture is Needed

This is a shift of enormous proportions, particularly for those companies who continue to be driven by traditional business models that place the product front and center.

Engaging today’s customer not only demands more modern marketing strategies, but also, a shift in company culture. And, frankly, we are not moving to this customer-centric culture quickly enough. A Chief Marketing Officer Council study found that 56% of companies said they’re extremely customer-centric, but only 12% of their customers agreed. And, if that isn’t convincing enough here’s a statistic from Forrester’s State of Customer Experience that should strike fear into the heart of any senior executive — 89% of consumers have stopped doing business with an organization after what they perceived to be a bad customer experience.

Breaking Free of Traditional Marketing Models

What constitutes a bad customer experience? For marketing, a bad customer experience can often be attributed to outdated technologies, processes, and marketing techniques. Breaking free of traditional marketing methods is the key and demands not only new more modern thinking but also more modern techniques and tools. Addressing groups of customers with batch outbound messages needs to be replaced with a deep understanding of customers as individuals. Outbound batch messaging superseded with individualized inbound real-time interactions.

A New Standard Drives Differentiation

Our ability to break free from our traditional marketing methodology and our ability to migrate to individualized messages, whenever and where ever the customer shows up, is the very crux of successfully transforming from a product marketing strategy to one that puts the customer first… For our customers, a personalized interaction creates a positive customer experience, which is the new standard for driving differentiation.

To learn more about how to move to customer-centric marketing and kick your customer experiences into high gear, download our whitepaper, Paving the Path to Better Customer Engagement: 5 Ways to Kick Your Customer Engagement into High Gear, here.

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