Machine Learning and Real-Time Customer Interactions

Machine Learning and Real-Time Customer Interactions

Customers are interacting with us in real-time and we need to do the same.  We know we need to respond faster, but accessing and analyzing data across channels is cumbersome and painfully slow. And, it just doesn’t cut it in real-time world our customers live in. And the workarounds we put in place to compensate for our silo data are too slow. They make it impossible to deliver the real-time customer interactions needed to drive customer loyalty.

Machine Learning Picks up Where Basic Analytics Fall Short

Making full use of our data is paramount in today’s competitive environment. It is difficult to do so if we are having to create models offline and manually consolidating multiple centers of truth.

Additionally, we need to develop insights from data assets faster and with greater precision, which in turn enables us to develop competitive marketing strategies designed to drive customer loyalty.

With limited time and resources, legacy systems, and multiple partners and channels to contend with machine learning picks up where basic analytics fall short.

How to get started

Delivering relevance at every touch point, in real-time may be too big to bite off all at once. Take a phased approach. Start with getting your data in order. Inventory it and gather it in one central repository for a complete view of your customers.

You need to invest in a Customer Hub to bring order to data organization, cleanliness, and accessibility. Centralizing marketing data across the organization will create the one center of truth you need, pull your teams together, and will do so without having to consolidate partners.

Invest in the right technology to deliver relevance at scale, across all channels and devices. Machine learning can help predict the next step in the customers journey no matter which channel and device — it connects the dots online and offline… from web browsing to face to face interactions.

The Future

Technology, and with it machine learning, is growing and evolving quickly. Creating competitive advantage now relies on having the capability to consolidate our data into one center of truth and leveraging machine learning tools to deliver the real-time customer interactions required to stay ahead.

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