Is Marketing Action Drawing The Short Straw?

We all know building customer relationships starts with having the right data.

And that having the know how to mine the data for insights about how and what customers think, feel, and do is as critical. Companies have invested resources and dollars to make sure data is not left on the table, enabling teams, including Marketing, to glean customer insights to better inform their plans and achieve their goals.

However, do we spend as much time, effort, and resources on making sure the insights are presented and integrated into all aspects of a customer relationship strategy in a way that turns them into consistent actions? Actions that can feed further insights, stimulate dialog, motivate purchase and engender loyalty?

I know we all want to answer yes, but are we being truthful with ourselves?

Do we really have an integrated approach?

An approach that recognizes that data and insights are worthless without ACTION. An approach focused on advancing the customer relationship, creating continued engagement and revenues.

Oftentimes the siloed nature of our multi-channel businesses can make it difficult to maximize the value of our customer intelligence and get to ROI.  And when data, analysis, and insights are (in any way) fragmented the potential for the strategy to achieve its intended goal is greatly diminished.

You’ve got to think about big things, while you’re doing small things, so all the small things go in the right direction.”  Alvin Toffler — author and scientist.

Today’s omni-channel landscape is complex and involves multiple functional groups to map and understand the customer behavior landscape. And one of the most important landscapes a brand needs to map is that of the customers’ lifecycle journey.  Using the data points and the resulting insights to provide the tools to visualize the customer journey is a critical marketing step that informs integrated, yet personalized, actions that marketing can deliver to offset a complex landscape with a streamlined action plan.

Every connection point and interaction matters.

We need to look at our customer relationship model from all angles — the big picture and the small details– giving equal weight to each part of the process. If we do not close the loop by integrating the whole process, data, insight, intelligence, and actions, we are wasting precious time, investment and resources. Additionally, we need to understand how and what our customers are thinking, feeling, and doing, and have the required agility to be able to respond quickly to them to make every interaction count.

Actions are our enablers.

What is needed is a vision not only for the data and insights, but also for the actions. A vision that uses the insights to create a series of actions and communications to motivate and engage our customers, balancing business objectives to optimize results. A vision that easily translates into a cohesive set of actions for each customer group. After all, while data managed well gives us our inputs and measurements, our actions are the enablers. And they shouldn’t draw the short straw.


About the author:
Connie is passionate about customer relationship strategy and truly understands consumer behavior. An executive level advisor for some of the world’s most prestigious brands, Connie has a track record of delivering game changing customer strategy alongside significant bottom line results. Through the years, companies such as GE Capital, Intuit Software, and Costco Wholesale have sought Connie’s expertise. Connie is President and Founder of VeraCentra, a Customer Relationship Agency.

VeraCentra has developed an all in one closed loop answer to your customer marketing efforts. Agency services and marketing technology combine to provide you with a tailored fit solution integrating relationship strategy, data analytics, and design with an automated digital platform. Our services and technology are wrapped around your customers, creating a full embrace that propels loyalty and drives profitability.