How Marketing Is Falling Short of the Relevancy Promise

How Marketing Is Falling Short of the Relevancy Promise?

Engaging and winning the loyalty of today’s empowered customer is no simple task. It has demanded Marketing organizations re-assess their priorities and invest in the right people, process, and technology to develop more fulfilling customer experiences and engender stronger brand loyalty.

Yet, 50% of Marketers state that increasing customer loyalty and long-term customer engagement is either very or extremely challenging, despite being a top priority. That is one of the findings from Fulfilling The Relevancy Promise, a May 2016 commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of VeraCentra.

3 Key Reasons Marketers Are Falling Short:

  1. 37% of Marketers are challenged because they either have a poor ability to interpret data for customer insights or lack access to data entirely due to operations inefficiencies.
  2. Only 44% embrace the customer life-cycle marketing model engaging customers throughout their entire relationship with their organization.
  3. Most manage customer experience across multiple touch points, but only 40% are creating a seamless experience for customers across those touch points.

A Holistic Approach Is Needed to Achieve Relevancy Goals

Due to resource, process, and technology constraints many Marketers are having to walk, not run, towards towards engaging and retaining customers. Their inability to approach customer relationship strategies with a holistic approach that coordinates all three erodes their ability to successfully deliver the relevancy promise and, ultimately erodes their ability to increase ROI.



About the author:
Connie is passionate about customer relationship strategy and truly understands consumer behavior. An executive level advisor for some of the world’s most prestigious brands, Connie has a track record of delivering game changing customer strategy alongside significant bottom line results. Through the years, companies such as GE Capital, Intuit Software, and Costco Wholesale have sought Connie’s expertise. Connie is President and Founder of VeraCentra, a Customer Relationship Agency.

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