Seven Things Every Marketing Technology Stack Needs in 2019

Seven Things Every Marketing Technology Stack Needs in 2019

As marketers, we need to be where our customers are. Where they go, we follow.  And that means managing a seemingly endless list of digital channels and managing the technology tools that support them.  Boston Consulting Group reports, “a medium sized B to C company uses an average of 19 tools in its marketing organization.”  We even came up with a special term to represent our collective group of technologies, the marketing technology stack, or martech for short.

Capabilities for Your Marketing Technology Stack 2019

In many organizations, plans and budgets for 2019 are well underway.  So, now is the time to consider how well your technology tools are working to allow you to build better relationships with your customers across multiple channels. The Marketing Technology Stack for 2019 should include integration of the tools to optimize efficiency and increase speed of message and content delivery.

To keep pace with changing customer behaviors, use this checklist to ensure your martech stack includes these advanced capabilities:

  • Can ingest all types of customer data
  • Provides a 360-degree customer view
  • Can deploy predictive analytic models run by AI/machine learning
  • Can monitor continuous customer feedback
  • Executes messages across channels using a single workflow
  • Provides for rapid test and learn methodology
  • Measures and tracks success

The ability to provide a differentiated, personalized customer experience means you must also have the agility to immediately respond to customers “in the moment” no matter which channel the customer uses to interact.  So, the most critical capability to embed in your marketing technology stack for 2019 is real-time capability.

Martech Stacks Are Customizable

Unlike broad Marketing Cloud Solutions, integrating the tools within your own martech stack allows you to more narrowly align your requirements with your strategy.  Overall, the ability to customize and integrate your technology tools within a stack, is a more cost-effective approach and prevents over investment in capabilities that you do not need.

Evaluating and evolving your martech capabilities is critical to marketing success. Consumers are moving quickly, and companies must quickly follow to be competitive. According to the Harvard Business Review article How Marketers Can Personalize at Scale, “Marketing technology, automation and advanced analytic techniques have now reached the level where effective personalization at scale is possible.”  To keep pace, ensure your budget includes investment to advance the capabilities within your marketing technology stack in 2019.

For further reading, download the HBR article How Marketers Can Personalize at Scale.

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