Orchestrating Customer Journeys

Orchestrating Customer Journeys. A Modern Approach to Engage Today’s Customer

One thing is for certain, marketing practices are constantly evolving. Just when we think we have a real handle on our customers, and we are doing everything we can to execute marketing that delivers a great customer experience… something changes.  The biggest change lately? The customer. They always seem to be one step ahead of us… interacting with our company using multiple devices and “showing up” in channels and moments that constantly surprise us.  So now we need to ask ourselves, how can we get our marketing to be in lock step with our customers?  Say hello to today’s newest marketing method, orchestrating customer journeys.

What is Orchestration?

Orchestrating customer journeys is a more modern approach to journey execution.  Today, journeys are mostly executed in a single channel, primarily email or direct mail.  Orchestration goes beyond a single channel.  It’s more than an event or calendar- triggered automation. Orchestration connects multiple interactions across any channel to form a personalized customer journey and experience.  The method is rooted in customer centricity practices; focusing on the customer first, versus pushing targeted product or service messages to customer groups. Orchestration combines both outbound and inbound messaging, enabling us to respond with personalized interactions in real-time, based on when, where, and how the customer behaves.

Making the Shift to Orchestrating Customer Journeys.

Implementing orchestration requires a holistic approach to customer strategy coupled with high levels of marketing agility.  Studies confirm that you are far more likely to achieve a high impact on your overall engagement and retention goals with a holistic customer approach. (See the full results from our Forrester Consulting study: Fulfilling the Relevancy Promise by downloading here).

You can begin to shift to an orchestrated customer journey approach by:

  • Creating a customer first culture. Put your customer at the core of your business.
  • Organizing your teams around the customer lifecycle. Journey orchestration needs the power of models and cross-functional processes to facilitate the creation of consistent customer experiences.
  • Adopting the customer journey mind-set: Leverage available analytics to understand each customer’s journey across all channels.  Create a sequence of interactions designed to connect with them in the moment, as they engage.

Critical and central to creating marketing agility is investing in the right enabling technology.  The two largest components to consider are being:

  • Data ready: Data is the engine that drives customer engagement and real time interactions. Invest in a customer data hub or platform that cleanses, transforms, and provides a single customer view https://www.veracentra.com/360-customer-profiles/
  • Real-time ready: Engagement platforms need to include the ability to execute and respond to customers across all channels, in real-time. In line analytics are needed to achieve scale. Look for an easy to use journey design or workflow interface.

Orchestrating customer journeys provides you with improved marketing efficiency, better ROI on your marketing spend, greater optics into marketing performance, more revenue, and of course… awesome customer experiences. With value this great, migrating to this more modern method is an opportunity that is hard to ignore.

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