Increase Differentiation by Orchestrating Real-Time Customer Interactions

Creating great customer experiences is not a new concept for marketers. We all know today’s customer is driven as much by the experience the brand offers as the products and services it sells.

In fact, Gartner Research reported recently that 89% of marketers expect customer experience management (CEM) to be their primary differentiator. This begs the question — what can we do to deliver a differentiated customer experience?  The answer — orchestrate real-time personalized customer interactions.

What does that even mean?  Are we being hit with yet another buzz word? Maybe. But, the term orchestration is the best way to describe the migration from batch based, calendar based, and channel based campaigns to marketing’s ability to manage discrete customer interactions, across all touchpoints. In other words, with orchestration ability, we finally get to build a relationship with our customers, one customer at a time.

If we are able to deliver personalized messages by managing these individual interactions, we take a giant step forward in delivering a differentiated customer experience.

New Times Call for New Methods

The way customers interact with our companies today does not match the way we currently deliver our marketing messages.  We focus on out-bound campaigns, targeting the same message to a customer group in a scheduled or triggered way.  Our ability to break free from this traditional marketing methodology and our ability to migrate to orchestrating personalized messages, whenever and where ever the customer shows up, is the very crux of successfully delivering a differentiated customer experience.

What it Takes to Create Real-Time Personalized Customer Interactions

Personalizing and managing customer interactions requires the right orchestration enabling technologies.  When you decide to make the leap to manage your messages as an orchestrated approach several critical components must come together.

You need the ability to:

  1. Capture all customer interaction data from multiple source applications and cleanse, transform, and centralize it.
  2. Establish a single identity for a customer, valid across all touchpoints.
  3. Leverage analytics to understand not only multiple customer interactions but also, intent at each touchpoint.
  4. Based on this insight, build and execute cross channel journeys or workflows. (You will need engagement platform technology capable of executing across all your channels.)
  5. Leverage automated trigger capability to immediately respond to customers when they engage.
  6. Use machine learning capabilities and in line analytics to trigger the next best message and interaction.
  7. Use customer metrics such as customer lifetime value, engagement, and satisfaction to determine success.

Don’t Wait Too Long

If customer experience is our primary differentiator, speed is critical.  Buzz words or not, real-time, orchestrated, and personalized customer interaction is fast becoming the new marketing methodology.  For our customers, a personalized interaction creates a positive customer experience, which is the new standard for driving differentiation.

Ultimately, adopting this more modern approach will drive more revenues, increased loyalty, and improve our internal efficiency.

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