Organizational Structures

Is Your Organizational Structure Right for Real-Time?

In many companies, old school organizational structures are now a major hindrance. One of the issues is that these outdated structures created data silos, yet today’s reality is that for real-time marketing to be successful all data needs to be centralized and accessible to everyone.

“Many CMOs Are Tearing Up Their Org Charts”

New marketing tools, strategies, and approaches are appearing daily. The Harvard Business review reports that while, “Many CMOs are tearing up their org charts”, they are struggling with how to draw the new chart. What does the ideal structure look like? Our answer is that this is the wrong question. A simple blueprint does not exist. Structure must follow strategy — not the other way around.”

Inclusive Organizational Structures Coming to the Fore

All the latest research points to one very clear path. To be successful in the real-time world, inclusive organizational structures are required — where marketing is no longer a discrete, silo function, but one that extends across almost every function.  In the age of the customer, it’s no longer only marketing responsibility to foster a customer centric culture.  The responsibility now spans across most functional departments.

Where to Start?

Getting our arms around the realities of real-time demands that all available data — first, second and third party — is accessible across the organization, and most importantly, accessible, in actionable form, to marketing. Most marketers are “drowning” in customer data, and most state they are not able to take full advantage of that data because of persistent siloes. Understanding customer behavior, their journey, and their channel preferences is fast becoming marketing’s cost of entry. Centralizing all the data available within the company — both inbound and outbound — is the first step to moving toward an organization that can meet customer demands for real-time personalized and meaningful experiences.

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