Real-Time Marketing – Are We There Yet?

Real-Time Marketing – Are We There Yet?

The future is now. It was 15 years ago that the movie “Minority Report”, starring Tom Cruise, gave us a glimpse of retail today. There is one scene that has always stuck in my mind. It is the scene where Cruise walks into the Gap, his eyes are scanned, and a hologram associate welcomes him, and asks him about the jeans he bought last week. We are not quite at the eyeball scanning stage yet, but we are certainly at the point where we can mirror the experience. A mobile app can ping a sales associate as soon as you walk in the door. Armed with your individual purchase history –your sales associate can greet you by name and ask you about your previous purchase.

Reshaping Marketing to Embrace Real-Time Marketing

How do you reshape your marketing to embrace the real-time marketing that is now omnipresent? Many marketers are trail blazing – doing away with older techniques.  A new report, from Criteo, describes one of the strategies these marketers are enacting. “Shifting shopper behavior is driving retailers to abandon seasonal offers in favor of cross channel activity.”

Which makes sense. Real-time marketing is about delivering hyper-personalized messages and offers to meet the needs and wants of an individual customer, so traditional batch seasonal offers won’t cut it. And given there are technology innovations available to us that enhance the customer experience we need to embrace these if we are to remain competitive.

Start Planning 2018 Real-Time Marketing Priorities Now

The only way to get on top of the new reality is to start planning for 2018 now. Integrating real-time marketing and the technologies available to us to advance your customer’s experience should be at the top of your list. No doubt many of your competitors are already there, so don’t delay.

To further help you understand how other companies are prioritizing real-time marketing download our Forrester Consulting commissioned study: Fulfilling the Relevancy Promise: How People, Process, and Technology Strategies Impact Customer Loyalty.

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