Real-Time Marketing Strategy “On-The-Fly”

Who Says a Real-Time Marketing Strategy is Marketing “On-The-Fly”?

Wikipedia describes a real-time marketing strategy as “marketing performed on-the-fly.” But we all know that just isn’t true. To do real-time marketing right, there is a good deal of planning that must take place, starting with a clear strategy and enough dynamic content prepared and at the ready to execute.

Real-Time Marketing Strategy Success Relies on Contextually Relevant Interactions

When you Google real-time marketing many articles and blogs focus on the brands who have successfully created a relevant campaign during a cultural event. Probably the best-known example being Oreo, “You Can Still Dunk in the Dark.” A message that was tweeted during the power outage at the Super Bowl.

And while these culturally relevant campaigns are certainly great examples, everyday real-time marketing is not a flashy campaign. It is the ability to interact with any customer with a relevant message or offer to move them along the journey to purchase, wherever and whenever the customer initiates contact with your brand.

To Deliver the Feeling of Spontaneity Everything Needs to be Aligned

The only way to deliver real-time, so it appears to be a spontaneous reaction to a customer touch point activity, is to have everything well planned and all needs aligned. For example, care needs to be taken not to deliver the wrong value proposition or offer to the wrong person. And beyond having an arsenal of content waiting in the wings, there are major technology requirements that need to be in place. Marketing needs access to sophisticated data and analytics to be able to develop the predictive models to make real-time a reality.

What it Takes for Marketing to be “Always On”

To start, you need a solid understanding of your customers.  What customers want from a transaction, what their buying preferences are, what their purchasing history includes, and what their value is to the brand.  This 360º view into your customers empowers you to create contextually relevant messages.

Next is in-line analytics to improve real-time decisions and apply advanced analytics, such as machine learning, to segment, target, and deliver personalized messages, such as next best product.  These analytic approaches deliver automation to your customer engagement strategy.  And enables much more individualized interactions — both in terms of contextual relevancy and in cadence that is more tightly aligned with real-time customer needs.

Then, add orchestration capability and an arsenal of content for the agility you need to design seamless workflows across channels and devices.  Armed with the

ability to present real- time next best action recommendations, you can guide your customers through the various phases of their customer journey.

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