Real-Time Marketing Success

How Real-Time Marketing Increases Campaign Success

Real-Time marketing success is the latest game changer.

But, how do we communicate the value of real-time marketing in a way our senior management will understand and buy into the investment? One way is to point to how real-time marketing’s success can increase campaign effectiveness and help us achieve our customer engagement, loyalty, and revenue goals.

Real-Time Marketing Technologies and Techniques Increase Agility

Real-time marketing technologies and techniques help us be more agile. And, as customer demands for hyper-personalized, in the moment interactions, on multiple platforms and devices becomes the new norm, we need to be agile. Otherwise, how do we match the agility of our customer by spotting opportunities earlier and reacting quicker to meet them where they are to drive better campaign results. This is what real-time marketing technologies and techniques allow us to do.

3 Ways Real-Time Marketing Increases Campaign Success

  1. Spot Opportunities Quicker: The techniques of target segmentation are becoming a thing of the past. To be competitive we need to reorient our thinking to a segment of one. We need a 360º view of each customer – every interaction they have with our brand needs to be captured so we can have the insight needed to tailor our -communications to individual customer needs.  The only way you can cost effectively execute one to one is with analytics integrated directly into your execution processes.
  2. React Quicker: In line analytics include segmentations and predictive models.  When embedded into to your execution workflow, you can automate your response to customer actions in real time. Many platforms now include  machine learning which automatically adjusts logic as it learns from additional interaction data.  Machine learning generates better segmentation, predicts each customer need and will deliver the highest personalized message.  In short, machine learning embedded into your execution workflow deliver automation to your customer engagement strategy. And enables much more individualized interactions – both in terms of contextual relevancy and with cadence that is more tightly aligned with real-time customer needs.
  3.  Deliver Better Campaign Results: Before making certain types of purchases, customers commonly research, discover and explore possibilities. And like dropping bread crumbs along the way, these customer behaviors leave a trail of purchase intentions. Understanding how your customers interact before they buy is a goldmine opportunity to engage them with highly personalized communications, relevant to their journey stage. The personalized experiences you create with these techniques are welcomed by your customer. That customer is now more likely to engage further with your brand, increasing your campaign results by driving more revenue.

When all is said and done, real-time marketing technologies and techniques allow you to increase customer visits. What would 1 more visit from your customer base mean in top line revenue? Or increasing the average transaction size?  Or extending the customer’s life with your brand?  This is the real value of real-time marketing—it drives greater engagement and is quantifiable through actual purchase behavior.

Our latest eBook, The Value of Context, Cross Channel and Real-Time Capabilities: Advancing Marketing’s Productivity, details the capabilities you need to use real-time marketing to increase your campaign success and convince your senior management the investment is well worth the cost.It is available to download, here.

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