Relevancy: Technology Driven or Human Driven?

Relevancy and personalization capability have now become the high bar in effective customer marketing.

Organizations are trying to figure out the best approach to make relevancy a reality.  (And at a price point that delivers an attractive ROI).

There are CRM technology platforms that collect meaningful customer information, segment and execute personalized communications.

And there are actual humans applying behavioral science to understand customer behavior and designing communications that will influence or motivate wanted behavior.

Technology vs. the human touch.

In our agency experience, the answer is…you need both.  It’s not just about technology and tools, it’s how you use them.   Technology is only as good as the customer strategy being deployed.

What are your thoughts on this subject?

Is CRM, relevancy, personalization, customer experience, connecting with customers ECT more of a technology play, or, does human capital play a more important role?

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