Technology to enhance customer experience

Technology to Enhance Customer Experience Major Leaps on The Horizon: Are You Ready?

The thing about marketing is, it’s always changing.

And another big shift in technology to enhance

customer experience is evolving.

Have you ever seen the Minority Report?  The movie was set in 2054 and had a scene where John Anderson (Tom Cruise) ended up walking through a futuristic mall.  As he snaked his way through the crowded walkways, retinal scan technology (and other bio-metric scans) immediately served up relevant & “in your face” advertisements suggesting John should go have a Guinness in order to help him calm down (as he was excited and hurried).  He then enters The Gap.  More retinal scans instantly identify him as John Anderson and a visual version of Siri greets him, asks about how happy he is with his past purchase, and recommends a pair of shorts that would complement the purchase.

Ideas that were once thought radical and implausible are now knocking on the door of tomorrow, not 2054 (Spielberg was a bit conservative in his outlook on technology advancement).   Facial recognition, biometric tracking, virtual reality, machine learning are all capabilities that will change everyday life as we know it, if they haven’t already.

All these technological advancements support a specific function or experience aimed at enhancing life (virtual reality), making things easier (machine learning or artificial intelligence), faster and better.

Together, or in combination, these capabilities are drastically evolving the way in which we as humans interact with the world around us.

From a marketing standpoint, the way that brands can leverage technology to interact, connect and engage with consumers (just like in the Minority Report) is now at their fingertips. There are no boundaries or limits that are set when it comes to using technology to enhance Customer Experience.

The game is set.  Customer Experience is the new competitive battlefield.  And, now it’s a race to see which organizations will come out on top.  According to Boston Consulting Group, there is major financial justification to investing in getting Customer Experience right.  BCG states that over the next five years or so, 800 billion in wallet share will shift to the top 15% of organizations that can capture consumer loyalty by changing the “Customer Experience Game.”

For organizations looking to up their Customer Experience Game, a common starting point is to map the customer journey. Identify your customer touchpoints and the pains they experience as they interact with your company. Identify areas where you can use technology to enhance customer experience, prioritize, implement, measure and continuously improve.

Want to learn more?  Harvard Business Review recently published Marketing in the Age of Alexa, which outlines near-term changes HBR expects AI platforms to bring about as well as the implications they hold for marketing strategy.

You can access the article here.

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