The Role of Customer Data Platforms in a Real-Time Marketing Environment

In today’s, customer empowered world, brands require access to clean, continually refreshed, and connected customer data to compete. Connected data is central to a brand’s ability to achieve deep customer understanding and devise and execute real time customer engagement strategies.

Fragmented Data Ecosystems Create Barriers

However, fragmented marketing ecosystems with multiple point solutions (that house rich customer data) create barriers to achieving real-time customer engagement strategies. Commonly, each point solution in the marketing eco-system has its own data model and stores data in different formats.  Because of these data structure differences these point solutions can’t easily share information. Additionally, data collection happens at a different pace.  Social media, for example streams real-time, while other systems such as CRMs are updated in batches.

Data Warehouses, Marts, and Lakes Have Limitations

Database technologies, like data warehouses or data marts have been useful in data centralization, but have limitations. They only accept structured data on a pre-defined cadence and are ill-suited for capturing social media interactions and other unstructured information. Data lakes work well for storing all forms and cadence, but do little to support brand efforts to achieve real insight into customer behaviors. Data must be exported and modeled to gain actionable insight for marketing purposes.

The Customer Data Platform is the Solution

A Customer Data Platform ingests all types of data from all types of sources, and combines it into a single customer view.  A CDP provides greater efficiency in data access which enables brands to connect and engage customers.

To deliver the connected data required in today’s customer empowered world, data and technology teams, as well as their marketing partners, need to include Customer Data Platforms in their search for customer data centralization solutions.

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