Winning the Customer Engagement Battle

It appears that many Marketers do not experience the joy of the win when it comes to customer engagement. How do I know this?

Last April, my company, VeraCentra, commissioned Forrester Consulting to survey senior marketers to better understand how well they are advancing their customer engagement initiatives.

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Turns out half of the marketers surveyed are advancing their initiatives quite well.  Their organizations are highly capable of delivering personalized customer experiences across multiple channels and devices.  They have the technology and processes in place and they are fully leveraging all of their customer data.

The other half? They are struggling. Why? Three challenges emerged: No cohesive strategy or approach, inability to generate customer intelligence, and lack of operational agility to execute effectively.

How can this be when we all know that advancing our customer engagement strategies is today’s battleground and best practice to achieve greater customer loyalty and revenue?


From our Forrester Consulting study, and my own experience of working with companies to win the battle, it appears “the rub” is that organizations are plagued by multiple silos, each with their own point solution, customer data, team, and strategy. As a result many marketing departments trying to execute a rich customer engagement strategy are saddled with insufficient customer insight and manual time-consuming processes. To the point where executing even the most basic personalization is painful.

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